Three months after a health scare, Jamie Foxx provides an intriguing new update.

Jamie Foxx just shared a handsome snapshot of himself on Instagram, along with some wonderful news.

The 55-year-old singer, dressed to the nines in a slick black suit, was spotted perched on a glistening golden BetMGM race car.

He didn’t say whether the polished photograph was current or from before his mysterious health crisis.

Jamie thanked BetMGM in the caption, hinting at the exciting collaborations to come: “Thankful for my @betmgm family and a great few nights in Vegas.” “Big things are on the way.”

The actor has been working with BetMGM, a well-known sports betting company affiliated with MGM Resorts, and will appear in commercials for them throughout the football season.

Despite recent sightings of Jamie appearing to be in good health, sources say that he is still recovering from an undisclosed medical issue.

According to rumors, Jamie had been working tirelessly at a rehabilitation clinic in Chicago in order to recover. His perseverance appears to have paid off, as his condition has improved dramatically since his admission at the clinic.

Jamie organized a party at the treatment center to mark his recovery success, inviting visitors to join him in celebrating his increasing health.

On May 3, he returned to Instagram to express his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support, writing: “Appreciate all the love!!! I’m grateful.”

Jamie’s mysterious sickness was first revealed in April when he had to abruptly stop filming. Fans were relieved, though, when he was sighted out and about looking brilliant and vibrant.

According to reports, Jamie is doing much better and is beginning to feel like himself again. He’s not fully recovered yet and is still taking it easy, but he’s on the mend.

The actor has been seen participating in a variety of sports around town, from pickleball to golfing at a driving range outside Chicago, reflecting his steady progress toward recuperation.

Jamie also had a pleasant meeting with a fan during one of these outings when he restored a missing handbag to its owner. The encounter, which was captured on camera, served as a heartening reminder to his admirers of his progressive recovery.

Despite his continuous rehabilitation, Jamie has yet to reveal the status of his stalled film project, Back In Action, which also marked the return of actress Cameron Diaz.

The film’s production encountered multiple obstacles as a result of reported behind-the-scenes conflict that occurred prior to Jamie’s health issue.

As Jamie continues to recuperate, fans around the world are eager for him to reveal more about his health.

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