However, there were jokes about the situation; one person said that it looked like a dinosaur egg. The woman was eventually advised to ask a reliable person for help or to take safety precautions before opening the egg on her own. The mystery of the egg’s nature remained unsolved. Everyone was shocked to find the “egg” because no one was anticipating such a response. The fearless father of the woman who made the Facebook post proceeded to look into it. The mysterious-looking “egg” was really expanding foam from the home’s roof that had entered the ceiling. It’s fortunate that it wasn’t worse, like a spider’s nest. If it had been a nest, the entire house might have become infested. Who would have thought that was possible?

Joe is on his last day at work as a mailman.

He receives many thank-you cards and monetary gifts along his route.
When he gets to the very last house, he is greeted by a gorgeous housewife, who invites him in for lunch.
Joe happily accepts.

After lunch, the woman invites him up to the bedroom for some “desert.”
Joe happily accepts again.
When they are done, the woman gives him a dollar.

Joe asks what the dollar is all about.
The woman replies: “It was my husband’s suggestion.
When I told him that it was your last day at work, he told me ‘F**k him, give him a dollar.
The lunch was my idea.

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